Meet Damien Lim!

If you ever have the opportunity to spend time with Damien Lim, I guarantee two things. 1) You will go home with a smile still on your face and in your heart and, 2) you will be inspired by his passion for handbells and arrangements of music that “sings” in our art form. His mission? “To Educate, To Share, To Inspire, To Create, To Include”

Damien is conductor, arranger and teacher. Based in Singapore where Damien founded MOB, aka Ministry of Bells, he is known as a first rate percussionist and as a handbell musician.  He has inspired many young musicians at home, in Thailand, in his travels to Japan, Korea and Australia and around the glove.

Come ring his setting of Despacito at Coppers Classic this April. It will be a great experience.

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