2022 Coppers Classic Cancelled

Sadly, the event team has made the decision to cancel Coppers Classic for 2022.

COVID is still with us. It is a shadow that leaves fellow musicians wanting to participate but torn, feeling unsafe to travel, and unsafe due to the possibility of bringing disease home to aging loved ones, grandchildren and family. Though we’re hearing that Omicron may be over by the end of February, we cannot be certain. At the moment, infection and hospitalizations in Oregon are at record highs. If there were a guarantee the disease would be behind us, we would go forward but it is still “best guess speculation,” and we cannot in good conscience ask you to come here.

For Next Year
Coppers Classic 2023 will be held on Friday through Sunday, March 24-26, 2023 and will include our annual mini-workshop the evening of Thursday, March 23. Location will be at the Monarch Hotel and Conference Center.

A gift to all Coppers Classic as a thank you for your love and faith of Coppers Classic
To Weave or Not to Weave: When is the Question or When Left is Right with PL Grove—FREE to alums
a.      Saturday, March 26, 2022
b.      9-11 am PDST
c.      Sign up at eventscoppersclassic@gmail.com to reserve your spot
d.      Guests welcome
i.      Donation $15
ii.     Email eventscoppersclassic@gmail.com to pay and register

A Note from Ellie Hodder, event founder/clinician
I love Coppers Classic. From my perch on the podium, I am privileged to watch your eyes and the change in your body language as we launch into challenging repertoire on Friday morning. I know many of you are thinking in that particular moment that there is no chance we will pull off a concert on  Sunday! Yet, when 4 pm Sunday comes, there is magic in the room, using all we have learned, all of our passion for handbells, as we create an hour of “wow!”

Be well. Stay safe. Keep your vision for who you are as a handbell musician alive in the coming months. May we be together in 2023 sharing a magical weekend of handbells together.

All the best,

Ellie Hodder
Event Founder/Clinician

Vanessa Blake
Event Coordinator

P.L. Grove
Event Registrar

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