Earn $5

bellCoppers Classic is proud to be composed of members of Handbell Musicians of America.

Did you know that when you invite a colleague to join and they mention your name in their registration, you get $5 in “handbell bucks”?! That’s right.

Every time your name gets mentioned, $5 is added to your account.

You can use those bucks to reduce your costs for things like your membership renewal or National Seminar or other National events. Pretty wonderful.

Pass the good word!

What we Love.

Coppers Classic was founded with the idea in mind that, if coppers (intermediate) level handbell musicians who love the instrument and who are willing to work hard are given the right environment and guidance, the musical and personal results will be astounding. Since most handbell musicians ring with ensembles with a wide range of experience and skills, it is an entirely new experience to spend 3 days with equally skilled, remarkably motivated and passionate handbell musicians.

Looking at the repertoire list, many musicians have been known to comment “What was I thinking?!” or “How can I possibly accomplish that?!!” Invariably the passion and hard work each musician brings pays huge rewards. Cheryl Zents of Half Moon Bay, CA wrote, “Thank you for one of the most memorable experiences of my life! I enjoyed the whole week-end, but as the concert progressed, I felt more and more emotional, like my heart was full to overflowing.”

Our 2018 repertoire list is shaping up.  The final list will be posted by the end of June.  Meanwhile, please take a look at the compositions we’ve tackled the first three years.  Some great stuff and more great on the way!

Coppers Classic Joins the New Century!!

Welcome to our new website, coppersclassic.com, fresh off the e-press!

We are ALMOST ready to launch the registration online. You can see the Event Details now and make your travel plans. Please send a comment in the Contact menu and we will notify you once the online registration is ready to rock and roll.

Very soon you will be able to:

  • Find current information about the event
  • Fill out your registration forms
  • Apply for the Area 10 scholarship
  • Pay your registration
  • Purchase a polo shirt with our logo
  • Sign up for our Thursday night special class, Tackling Treble Tough Stuff (and you know there’s plenty of that!!!)

Our plan is to continue to update the site (repertoire coming before the end of June) and post some live video during the event so your friends and relatives can see you at work.

Check it out. We think you’ll love the convenience!!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! Area 9, Area 10, Area 11, and Area 12 musicians were all here in 2017!